Custom Cornhole Boards

A family friend reached out looking for a set of cornhole boards for her husband’s birthday and, since I’m always looking for excuses to get in the shop, I was happy to help out. Due to the strange situation with the price of lumber right now where pine is more […]

Platform Bed – part 2

Summer 2019: After a new headboard magically appeared over a long weekend, my girlfriend immediately found our absence of a suitable bed frame to be the top priority in out lives. Given my lack of free time that summer, and no dedicated workspace to speak of, I proceeded to procrastinate […]

Platform Bed – part 1

Summer 2018: Like most terrible decision in my life these day, this project started with the S.O. showing me things on Pintrest while I was under the influence and pliable. Before I even thought about the words, they started coming from my mouth. “I can make that bett…”, stopping myself […]