Reclaimed Double Sliders

Last month I was informed by the boss of impending project to improve the aesthetics of our living room. When we remodeled the room last year (Paint, recessed overhead lighting, new trim and crown, and some rods and drapes, etc.), I may have casually mentioned a sliding barn door…  I […]

Closet Organizer

Past Project: Oct 2018 It was a Thursday evening in October 2018. The Special Lady in my life and I had gone out to grab a bite to eat and do some shopping. At home, a storm was brewing… The Christmas presents I had started to stockpile for the children […]

Natural Stone Walkway

Summer 2019: I scavenged some stone from the foundation of an old outbuilding at my income property (more like “no income” property, but back to this project). The building was gone long before I bought the property in 2007 but the blocks were left piled in the back corner of […]

Platform Bed – part 2

Summer 2019: After a new headboard magically appeared over a long weekend, my girlfriend immediately found our absence of a suitable bed frame to be the top priority in out lives. Given my lack of free time that summer, and no dedicated workspace to speak of, I proceeded to procrastinate […]

Platform Bed – part 1

Summer 2018: Like most terrible decision in my life these day, this project started with the S.O. showing me things on Pintrest while I was under the influence and pliable. Before I even thought about the words, they started coming from my mouth. “I can make that bett…”, stopping myself […]